why the town garden?

That’s the question…

I could answer and say it was after months and months of research, or it was a lifetime ambition, or a lifestyle choice……but it wasn’t.   Why do we jump ‘corporate life’ or any other job, and start our own businesses. I’m sure there many people out there who’ve made the move for all the above reasons. Me?

I’ve dreamed of running my own business since I was in my early twenties – not sure exactly what, but my mind is always racing with ideas. Gardening has always been a great love of mine, and I guess it was natural for friends and family to suggest that was where I should look to start.

Interestingly enough, I’d always harboured an idea for something like the town garden for years, but it wasn’t until I left British Airways for other reasons that I made the decision to go for it. Not exactly brilliant planning….

But, I started what I hoped to be something different from the usual garden centres around city centres, and after some difficult and extremely hard learning years, the town garden is growing (no joke intended) into a store where I would love to shop.

It’s evolved into a ‘local produce and garden store’ – and I love it and I hope you would love it too should you ever come to Oxford.

Small, stylish, quirky, friendly, old fashioned…….and maybe without all the planning, but with some help from friends, family and lots of lovely people in Oxford – the town garden has arrived in a different kind of way.


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