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A pretty quiet day in North Parade yesterday……but just as I was about to close up the shop, in walks Rory McGrath with his usual big grin! We both went to the same school in Cornwall and like me, he’s a great lover of Cornwall – so it was off to to the Rose and Crown to have a quick beer and a natter with Andrew, the genial landlord.

Unfortunately I was then a little late meeting up with Emma……sorry Em!


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spicy pumpkin soup

The Christmas Fair on Thursday was a few hours away and the temperature was dropping rapidly, I had an ambitious idea to use an 11kilo ‘iron bark’ pumpkin and some chillies to make a warming soup to sell on the night, so I went over to the kitchen at the rose and crown pub.

The pumpkin was a formidable opponent for the knife but half an hour and a box of plasters later, the pumpkin was cut and ready for the oven.

I left the skin on, a: to save time and b: to make it easier to scoop out the flesh. I roasted it for 45 minutes with some garlic and sea salt.

I then chopped 6 onions and some garlic and sweated them in a large pan with some olive oil on a low heat until soft, I then copped and de-seeded 6 chillies and added them to the mix. The pumpkin was now done and I scooped out the flesh and added it to the pot with 2 litres of chicken stock, simmered it for another 8 minutes to let the flavours mingle, and then ladled everything into a blender and blitzed it to the right texture.

Then I tasted it for seasoning, HOT, HOT, HOT, it was really hot, in fact I had my concerns as to whether I could serve this up to  the public, it was a cold night but this was an aquired taste, which I personaly enjoyed, but I didn’t want to be responsible for any spice related injury.

The time ticked by and there were plenty of other jobs to be done to make everything ready for the fair, setting up stalls, lights etc and before too long we were half way through and still no soup, so I thought i’d leave it.

The next day I tried the soup again, and the flavours had mellowed, it was lovely, steve loved it too, hey ho, you win some you lose some, I enjoyed making it anyway, less chilli next year.


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feeling guilty

I was having a little chat with Pete yesterday, and casually mentioned how I’m enjoying his recipes and feeling that I should be contributing more on the gardening front. Pete suggests I should be writing about my work in my own garden – but the trouble is, I’m not actually doing any!  Apart from keeping the lawn free from fallen leaves and the occasional tidy up, I’m not finding the time at the moment.

However, without ‘bigging-up’ Pete, I’ve learnt so much since he arrived at the town garden, not just his knowledge of growing vegetables, but how to use them in such a simple recipe – and even tasting some vegetables I’ve never had before.  I’ve always enjoyed visits to restaurants and hotels in the UK and abroad, but sometimes I feel that I’ve lived in some sort of foodie ‘vacuum’ …..

…and I even feel guilty eating a sausage sandwich when he’s around!  What’s happening to me?


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