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someone’s going to have a sore back

I’ve already broken a promise made to myself that I would ensure I’d drop some thoughts down at least every two days.  Blogs are so addictive. I never thought I’d hear myself say that given I am such a grumpy old bugger and (used to) find it hard to understand the pull of the kep pad on the old interwebby thing. But here I am, missing a day or two and feeling guilty. Wierd.

Anyway. Today has been a day of shifting a ton of soil/compost to my landlord’s new office building in Headington. He’s got a fabulous development which has an integrated courtyard which he’d like me to plant up. I don’t usually do that much external work (too old, lack of patience, bad back, sore knees, etc.) but always like to help out Andrew as he’s been a brilliant landlord, especially when rent has been short in supply to him!

And I enjoyed myself as I knew I would.  So, lord knows how many trips we made, but I know without a shadow of doubt that I’ll be unable to move properly tomorrow. Why is it that everything you love doing ends up with a price to pay?

Almost forgot to say that I had my ‘interview’ with Oxford Muse – loved it. Looking forward to reviewing it with Kim and seeing it in print if it gets that far.


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