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Barringtons boiled eggs

Eggs are one of those staple foods that are part of our everyday lives, so naturally our customers wanted us to sell them, and they’re right, I just wanted to find the right source and last week I did.

Barrington Park Estate is set in the heart of the Cotswolds between Burford and Bourton On The Water. In a quiet corner of this estate a small flock of hens range freely, foraging on lush green patures from sunrise to sunset, living a happy organic lifestyle, and as you know happy hens make good eggs, and this is where our eggs come from.

I’m not going to tell you how to boil an egg (Steve i’ll tell you later). But they were lovely with toasted soldiers made with Dragan and Pennys granary bread. Barrington Park Estate free range eggs available at The Town Garden, £2.45 1/2 dozen. 



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