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Those two are at it again!

Just back from Wolvercote where I picked up our morning delivery of bread from Penny and Dragan. I couldn’t wait to get here to take some pictures of their latest surprise for me.


What a perfect example of garden and local produce together.

As usual, the smell of the bread was too much for me again. Out came the toaster, a mug of tea, some of our local preserves….and there it is.

The Town Garden breakfast.

Penny and Dragan do it again. …….’Love Loaves’ from Wolvercote.



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Springing back into action

It’s been a little while since my last ramblings, but a lot has been on my mind recently, and the blog has taken second place. Loads to say, and I’ll try to catch up with what’s been happening here at The Town Garden and in North Parade Avenue.

Even though the past few days have given us a taste of Spring, the long cold Winter felt as though it began at the end of September and continued through to March. Normally we would be fully in the midst of a busy time for gardeners, it has been very quiet I must admit. Weather – or recession?

Unfortunately, Pete had a great opportunity to involve himself with a local foodie, Will Pougets’ Vaults and Garden Cafe. Although it was a great loss to us, it’s certainly Will’s gain and I wish him much luck – and trust he’ll be back at The Town Garden soon. Customers ask for him daily!

Vegetables from North Aston Organics still remain a firm favourite, and the bread from Love Loaves is always in demand. With a little luck this year, I’d really like to ramp up the food offering. I have a local resident who is a passionate collector of wines, including a selection of organic ones at that too – and he’s really keen to sell these through The Town Garden.

Cheese, wines, vegetables, garden goods…….and when the weather finally breaks, a cup of tea and a slice of cake outside on the terrace beside the shop. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

Time to spring back into action.

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